Main application =industrial waste water treatment and decomposition of sludge.
1)Purification of food processing factory effluent.
2)Resolution of the bottom sludge.
3)Decomposition of oil.
4)Waste water treatment from painting factory.
5)Water purification of lake, pond and river etc.
6)Freshness keeping.

Features :Hi-CleanΣ.
1)Powder foam(perlite).
2)Bio Safety Level 1 only(BSL-1).
3)New species of microorganism.
4)Already passed many safety test.
5)Decomposing oxidized organic materials quickly --- spodogenous food.

.Example of scholarly examination
1)Anti-bacterial and anti-virus activity is examined as effective for RSA, Trichophyton rubrum, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni Influenza virus, Feline calicivirus(Norovirus).
2)No anti-bacterial effect for Indigenous intestinal bacteria.
3)Growth-promoting effectiveness for plant(roots=animal intestinum?).
4)Production of bio-film around roots of plant (bio surfactant).
5)Producing lipase, protease and Chitinase.
6)Efficient decomposition of organic waste−left-over food・feces.
7)Examination of decomposition of feeding pellet for yellow tail at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Reduction of SS and DOC(Dissoluble Organic Carbon), No deposit, Resolution of protein, Strong deodorization.


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